We've got an all-new Despicable Me: Minion Rush update!

• Join the NEW Special Mission, HUNTING FOR LOVE, where you run through beautiful MINION PARK.

• Collect Perfumes, Teddy Bears and Cupid Arrows to complete this special Valentine's Day-themed mission.

• Get the FAIRY PRINCESS COSTUME, inspired by the Despicable Me 2 movie.

• Go for a joy ride in the new LOVE SCOOTER mini-game to pick up even more items!



Take a deep breath, warm up your singing voice, and stretch your legs, because the new Despicable Me: Minion Rush update is sure to be a toe-tapping, heart-racing great time! We’re delighted to bring you all-new content from Illumination’s upcoming holiday movie, Sing, arriving in theaters on December 21 in the U.S.!

• NEW! The Special Mission has never been this rewarding. Use limited-time Market Tickets collected during the Special Mission in the new seasonal Market! The more you run, the more Tickets you get.

• Run through the Mall during the late-night premiere of Sing!

• Help Gunter pull off an incredible performance by collecting all of the Musical Notes, Microphones, and Vinyl records in the new Special Mission: Piggy Power!

• Dave is Gunter’s biggest fan! Dress him up in a shiny red Leotard to imitate his singing idol!

• PLUS! Get exclusive iMessage Stickers featuring Dave wearing one of Gunter’s fabulous outfits.



Race into Halloween hijinks in the new Despicable Me: Minion Rush update!

• The Halloween Residential Area is here! Celebrate Halloween and perform more despicable deeds than anyone else!

• Dave is wearing two new Costumes this Halloween season! Get the Bride of Frankenstein and Ghost Costumes.

• Collect all of the spooky Toy Spiders, Toy Skulls and Halloween Candy during the new Special Mission: Haunted Hustle.

• Save the Minions from alien abduction by playing the new UFO mini-game.



It’s time to mow some lawns and mess things up in the new Despicable Me: Minion Rush update!

• Upgrade your Costumes to add new Golden Skills to them with Dr. Nefario's Fabulous Costume Improver.

• New Rush Avoiding mode! Run while avoiding certain actions, from collecting Bananas to performing Despicable Actions!

• Collect all of the Garden Shovels, Gnomes and Piggy Banks during the new Special Mission: Mower Minions!

• Get the new Hazmat Costume and get free Revives in certain locations.

• Perform cool tricks with the Minion Mower in the new mini-game!



The Minion Games have arrived in the new Despicable Me: Minion Rush update!

• Summer is here and the Minion Beach is filling up with Minions! This location is now available for Minion Races!

• Collect all of the Torches, Dumbbells and Laurel Wreaths during the new Special Mission: Minion Games.

• Get the new Athenian costume for extra Near-Misses.

• Submerge yourself in the new Diving Mini-Game.



Go on a trip fit for a pharaoh in the next Despicable Me: Minion Rush update!

• Run in the Pyramids location and discover the new secret area

• Collect all of the Cameras, Water Canteens and Souvenirs during the new special mission: Family Vacation

• Glide through an Egyptian oasis in the new Kite Ski mini-game

• Get the new Cleopatra costume for Dave and rule the land



It’s time for sports in this new update! Play the Soccer mini-game and get the brand-new Soccer Costume for Dave!

• Run through the Residential Area, collect sports equipment for Dr. Nefario, and win the Quarterback Costume

• Collect enough Blueprints to unlock the Soccer Costume

• Take the Minions to the soccer field in the Soccer mini-game



Explore our biggest update of the year, including the Pier 12 location, the new Jelly Jobs feature and more!

• Run through Pier 12, a new location inspired by Despicable Me 2, and avoid exciting new obstacles.

• Sign up for Jelly Jobs! Get awesome job titles and rewards by finding new collectibles, then earn a well-deserved promotion.

• Play the Trickster Stories Special Mission and collect hilarious items to win the Surfer Minion Costume.

• Conquer the waves on a Rocket Ski in the new mini-game.

• Enjoy an exclusive gift, available for new players on iOS only -- includes a free costume and more!



Despicable Me: Minion Rush has lots to celebrate in February with Rio's Carnival and Valentine's Day!

• Fall in love with the new Romance for All Special Mission and win the Cupid Minion Costume

• Unlock the new Skater Minion Costume with Blueprints

• Go rollerblading, do tricks & evade obstacles in the new mini-game

• Dress up with Carl and Jerry's Carnival Hats – wearing them improves your Minion's ability

• Play the Carnival-themed Minion Races to win great rewards and more!



Go back to school with the Minions in this new update for Despicable Me: Minion Rush!

• Now 4 MORE COSTUMES will power up your Gadgets

• Outrun the clock in the challenging new TIME-ATTACK MODE in Minion Races

• MINION RACES are now headed to the Mall

• BACK-TO-SCHOOL SPECIAL EVENT: Gear up for class by grabbing Backpacks, Notebooks, and Lunchboxes

• SCOOTER MINI-GAME: Pull off some speedy stunts and collect bonus back-to-school items

• 15 NEW LEVELS in the Jelly Lab



Get ready for the BOOM! Because we’re bringing the Volcano and an explosion of new features in this update to Minion Rush!

• The Volcano: Race through this new hot spot in 15 additional Jelly Lab levels!

• Seasonal Event: Join the Minion Safari and explore the tropics -- win cool prizes, including the Hunter costume.

• New Gadgets: Maximize the mayhem in your Minion Races!

• Motocross Bike Mini-Game: Sail through the sky and pull off amazing stunts!



Race into exciting and friendly competition with this new update for Despicable Me: Minion Rush. In Minion Race mode, you can:

• Choose between Dave, Carl or Jerry to be your racer

• Compete against 2 other Minions in Super Silly Fun Land

• Sabotage your rivals or avoid their attacks by using cool gadgets

• Outrun other players' Minions and reach the top of the leaderboard to earn awesome rewards



SPRING HAS SPRUNG, so make a clean sweep of this new event!


- Give a big welcome to Jerry!

- Jerry’s skills allow him to use Power-Ups longer than other Minions.


- Collect Flowers, Umbrellas & Butterflies for fresh rewards.

- Watch a hilarious new video starring Jerry.


- Keep Jerry afloat as he drifts across the sky.


- Complete sub-objectives for each Milestone to earn Perks or Tokens.


WELCOME CARL to Minion Rush!

WELCOME CARL to Minion Rush! He is now a permanent runner option in the game.

Choose between Dave and Carl to run in Eduardo's spectacular Mexican abode! Discover the secret areas inside his house, all atop a rocky mountain! Crash Eduardo's Party and be mischievous for April Fools' Day while helping Dr. Nefario set up the seasonal event! Do tricks with a BMX bike on the canyon!

- New BMX Bike Mini-Game

- Play in Eduardo's House, the newest location

- New seasonal Event for April Fools' Day



Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Despicable Me: Minion Rush and go for a run in Minion Park!

- Help Dr. Nefario organize the Wedding Party for Lucy and Gru: Prepare the cake and collect flowers to make everything perfect for the big day!

- Hop on a skateboard, grind some rails and perform tricks in the new mini-game!

- Cupid Minion costume returns to spread the love!



This new area is full of snow, speed, and science! Take on cool new levels with unique obstacles and discover the TOP SECRET area: The Arctic Base interior!

- Join a special holiday quest to help Dr. Nefario and recover lost decorations and gifts as you run through The Arctic Base

- Unlock the Snowboard mini-game by completing the holiday quest

- 12 Days of Deals: Check back every day for holiday promotions and login rewards



Prepare for the ultimate challenge of any Minion! Run with all your yellow might to make it through Vector’s Fortress. You’ll encounter all kinds of high-tech gadgets and guards to get around.

And if you look carefully, you might even find something familiar from the movie, too!

- New Jelly Lab Area: Vector’s Fortress

- New Environments: Run through Vector’s Fortress and the Bunker

- Can you find Vector? He's waiting for you in the secret area!